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We offer personalized stained concrete and polished concrete floor design services, and unparalleled customer service. Our exceptional quality, competitive prices and overall value are hallmarks you can rely on.

Our Product Information

OVERLAYS -  Overlays can cover such imperfections such as pitting, erosion of concrete, cracking and ‘trip-steps’. We are able to provide the overlays in various textures such as smooth finish, spray texture, troweled, and broomed to accommodate the desired use of area. For example, hopper spray textures work very well for that driveway or walkway where a little more winter traction might be wanted. The troweled finish makes for a great pool deck or patio and smooth finishes are ideal for a basement or interior dining room. The designs, styles, and colors of an overlay are nearly limitless. Looks of stone, tile, brick and much more can be incorporated. As you will see in our photo gallery, a plain jane patio can be transformed into a classy carved stone pattern.  Perhaps your driveway is in need of attention due to ice melts and years of wear and tear, but the thought of having it ripped out and replaced doesn’t seem justified. Maybe you have that impossible-to-reach patio that would cost a small fortune to rip out and replace or that eye-sore walkway and steps that bugs you every time you walk to the front door. You could be debating on how to finish out that basement floor, shop or garage. These are ideal situations where a concrete overlay can be the way to go. We have found that most of our jobs save the costumer between 30-60%, sometimes more, of what it would cost to rip the concrete out and replace it with just plain gray concrete.

SEALERS, EPOXIES, AND PROTECTIVE MAINTENANCE -  Along with our overlays, we also provide a full installation line of sealers and epoxies, great for garage floors, shops, basements and industrial floors. A sealed floor is an economical way to achieve great protection and functionality. We have a terrific line of acrylic sealers for residential use on driveways and walkways that ensure you protection from ice melt damage and make for easy cleaning. These residential sealers are a topical sealer that can protect and prolong the life of the concrete. When traction and grip is a concern on the area being sealed, silica sand is often applied to enhance the grip that can be lost from having a sealed surface.

ARCHITECTURAL STAINING - This is a perfect way to bring that basement, garage floor or showroom in on budget while giving it a totally unique and personal look. We use a 100% green architectural stain that brings out the beauty of the natural concrete. Most of the time, these installations are less cost than a full overlay system and accentuate the natural qualities of concrete. A smooth-troweled concrete floor accepts the staining best.

REPAIRS - Many homeowners and business are not interested in an overlay or a fancy stained area. Perhaps just crack repair and a sealer coat is necessary for an area that you want to give attention to but do not use very much. This is completely understandable. We take a lot of pride in being able to provide you the service that is needed and makes the most sense. We are able to patch and repair eroded steps, fix ‘trip-steps’, and apply crack treatment.

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