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Acid Stained Concrete

We offer personalized stained concrete and polished concrete floor design services, and unparalleled customer service. Our exceptional quality, competitive prices and overall value are hallmarks you can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How durable is an Overlay?

    An acrylic overlay has about 2 times the compressive strength of a standard concrete pour. It will sustain heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

  • Is it chemical resistant?

    Yes. You can use your ice melt and chemicals if you prefer to.

  • What colors and textures are available in an Overlay?

    For colors, most anything can be done. Grays and earth tones colors are the most popular. Textures and patterns are always custom to each need and desired look of each customer.

  • Is an Overlay always the solution?

    No, not always. Some slabs and areas of concrete are beyond the point of accepting an overlay as a long term solution. In this case we will usually recommend a tear out and replacement of the concrete.

  • Is an Overlay cost effective?

    Absolutely. Almost always an overlay will save 25% - 70%, depending on the area done vs. rip out and replacement costs. Factor in the decorative looks available, chemical resistance and functional use and it's an easy choice in most cases.

  • What else should I know before choosing an Overlay for my concrete?

    A concrete acylic overlay is still a cement based product and will perform within the scope of what concrete does. If the concrete below it cracks, then the overlay will crack as well. It is attached to the concrete and will do what the concrete below it does. Most concrete has just skin damage to it and is in perfectly good structural shape, making for a very suitable condition to place an overlay over.


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