CTI of the Palouse
Acid Stained Concrete

CTI of the Palouse specializes in decorative overlays to existing concrete providing a permanent, beautiful, and protective finish for your driveway, pool deck, walkway, patio, any interior floor and vertical walls.

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CTI of the Palouse offers personalized stained concrete and polished concrete floor design services, unparalleled customer service and with over ten years in the flooring industry, our exceptional quality, competitive prices and overall value are hallmarks you can count on.

Serving the Palouse and surrounding areas.

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CTI of the Palouse
Mike Hicks
PO Box 32
Palouse, WA 99161-0032

(509) 878-1730 Office
(208) 874-2549 Cell

Email: mike@ctiofthepalouse.com

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